Destination….Mainland London

This should have been the most obvious starting point for my blog being a Londoner myself. I was truly impressed with my visit to virtual London. There was so much I wanted to share, but have been reserved, so that you can explore the Mainland London for yourself.

Mainland London, Second Life

Community @ Mainland London, Second Life

One of the first things that hits you is the sheer number of visitors to these regions. It is so vibrant and active..much like RL London.  There is always a collection of people at the landing point, just hanging out, casually chatting. As soon as you land, you get an overwhelming feeling of being welcome.

Virtual Regent's Park, Second Life

Virtual Regent's Park

The sim is bright and well spaced out but still manages fit in a myriad of buildings, attractions and shops.  Some of the buildings might even be familiar to you….

Big Ben @ Mainland London

Big Ben, Mainland London, Second Life

The regions are particularly new-comer friendly, you will find an area where there are tutorials to help new residents get started with some basics as well as a spot where anyone that is ‘homeless’ can set Mainland London as their home!

Be at home in Mainland London

Set Mainland London as your home in Second life

Regular events are held at Mainland London. Why not take a peek at their official blog  to see which events are coming up soon.



I was at a loss for where to visit next…there is such a thing as being spoilt for choice, when Cristal suggested one of her favourite locations in Second Life. As I landed, it was clear why she was so enamoured with the place.  Introducing Feast, a whole region of beautiful settings.


This map at the landing zone shows all areas for exploring

I present you with just a few of the areas that I visited. What struck me, was that each area was beautiful in its own right, yet very different from each other.

Friendly Resident Unicorn at Feast Second Life

On my travels, I bumped into a friendly resident Unicorn

Dark, mysterious pond at Feast in Second Life

Dark, mysterious pond at Feast region

I sat at the dark mysterious pond, contemplating…before wandering over to the breath-taking field of flowers nearby.

Caged in a field of flowers


Can you think of a more beautiful place to be trapped?


Today, I visited a place that I haven’t visited for a while. A representation of the real life city, Venice. I have never been to Venice, but I really got a good sense of how it might look and feel.  Venice is situated on the Prada region in Second Life.

Venice, Prada [Second Life]

Breath-taking view from a Gondola

There are many nooks and crannies to explore on this amazing sim. From the gondolas on the waterways, to the markets and the shopping areas. There is truly something for everyone here..and a long time can be spent exploring, or just relaxing with friends.

Venice, Second Life


The Rialto bridge is a fine replica. I was blown away when I ‘googled it’  to compare it’s likeness…If you haven’t seen it yourself, I urge you take a peek. The likeness is incredibly close.

Rialto Bridge on the Prada sim in Second Life

Rialto Bridge

The sights are far too numerous for me to capture them all, take a stroll around Venice…I wonder if you will fall in love with it like I did!

Coffee in Venice, Second Life

A HUGE cup of coffee, with a beautiful backdrop

Destination….Caribbean Resort

Without a doubt, Caribbean Resort on the region, Kitsch  is my favourite beach in Second Life.

Beautiful beach in Second Life

Lots of fun activities or chill places at Caribbean Resort

There is an abundance of fun activities to take part in, or alternatively, places that you can just….chill.

Relax at the beach in Second Life

Why not curl up with a book, and listen to the waves lapping against the shore?

Hello world!

Hello, my name is Coco….Coco Firegrave….and I am addicted to Second Life!

Coco Firegrave... self confessed Second Life addict

Ok..maybe it isn’t as dramatic as that..but it made a great opening line.

I am loving spending time ambling through the regions of Second Life, amazed at this resident-created world that is home to such a huge array of talent. If you have never been, why not join me?

I am enjoying dabbling with Second life photography, and thought a blog would be a nice way to ‘log and keep’ my Second Life memories.

Feel free to grab onto my coat tails and enjoy the ride.

Love, Coco x