Today, I visited a place that I haven’t visited for a while. A representation of the real life city, Venice. I have never been to Venice, but I really got a good sense of how it might look and feel.  Venice is situated on the Prada region in Second Life.

Venice, Prada [Second Life]

Breath-taking view from a Gondola

There are many nooks and crannies to explore on this amazing sim. From the gondolas on the waterways, to the markets and the shopping areas. There is truly something for everyone here..and a long time can be spent exploring, or just relaxing with friends.

Venice, Second Life


The Rialto bridge is a fine replica. I was blown away when I ‘googled it’  to compare it’s likeness…If you haven’t seen it yourself, I urge you take a peek. The likeness is incredibly close.

Rialto Bridge on the Prada sim in Second Life

Rialto Bridge

The sights are far too numerous for me to capture them all, take a stroll around Venice…I wonder if you will fall in love with it like I did!

Coffee in Venice, Second Life

A HUGE cup of coffee, with a beautiful backdrop


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