Destination….Mainland London

This should have been the most obvious starting point for my blog being a Londoner myself. I was truly impressed with my visit to virtual London. There was so much I wanted to share, but have been reserved, so that you can explore the Mainland London for yourself.

Mainland London, Second Life

Community @ Mainland London, Second Life

One of the first things that hits you is the sheer number of visitors to these regions. It is so vibrant and active..much like RL London.  There is always a collection of people at the landing point, just hanging out, casually chatting. As soon as you land, you get an overwhelming feeling of being welcome.

Virtual Regent's Park, Second Life

Virtual Regent's Park

The sim is bright and well spaced out but still manages fit in a myriad of buildings, attractions and shops.  Some of the buildings might even be familiar to you….

Big Ben @ Mainland London

Big Ben, Mainland London, Second Life

The regions are particularly new-comer friendly, you will find an area where there are tutorials to help new residents get started with some basics as well as a spot where anyone that is ‘homeless’ can set Mainland London as their home!

Be at home in Mainland London

Set Mainland London as your home in Second life

Regular events are held at Mainland London. Why not take a peek at their official blog  to see which events are coming up soon.


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